Welcome to Forest Therapy Centre contract terms and conditions for the use of consulting and treatment RoomsDue to the nature of the work that will take place in our consulting Room’s, conditions of our Room hire are set out below.

Prior to any professional using any one of our consulting Rooms, it is essential our conditions of practice privileges are read carefully and acknowledged and agreed by responding by email to the therapy centre management within 14 days of receipt of this document.  This is in addition to submitting the relevant documentation listed in the compliance checklist.

If you wish to discuss any of the points outlined below, please do not hesitate to contact Su on 02085024674 or at


The Centre is Forest Therapy Centre

The Room refers to anyone of our consulting Rooms at The Old Forge Station Passage London E18 1JL

The Room user is the authorised professional

FTWC Documentation

  1. Signed document stating you fully agree to adhere to FTWC TnCs.
  2. Two copies of professional qualifications (one in full colour).
  3. Certificate of your governing body if psychological service provider – Supervisors details.
  4. Full current professional insurance.
  5. Photo ID passport/driving licence.
  6. Home utility bill with full home address (not mobile phone) In hard copy, ideally in plastic folder.


  1. The Room user fully accepts responsibility for their own personal and professional insurance, and agrees that the Centre shall not be responsible for any issues associated with the provision of therapies and services by the Room user or appointments made between the Room user and their clients. If a client has any concerns they must be raised with the Room user.
  2. It is essential the Room user belongs to a professional body at all times, and possess the relevant qualifications required by their body to practice the therapies and services they intend to offer in the Room. The Centre will require a copy of all necessary validating documents before agreeing a booking with a new Room user.
  3. The Centre will not take bookings from another person on behalf of the Room user. The Room user agrees that they are operating independently when using the Room, maintaining their own control over their bookings, finances and marketing of their own practice.
  4. The Room user is responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance, and cannot at any time represent themselves as an employee of the Centre.
  5. The Room user is not an officer of the Centre and cannot enter into any financial agreement or binding commitment on behalf of the Centre.
  6. The Centre will not accept any payment transactions for therapy fees on behalf of the Room user unless an independent prior arrangement has been made with centre management.
  7. The Room user agrees that this agreement is exclusively for the purpose of performing legal, psychological or physical therapies and services and supervision in the Room.
  8. The Room user agrees not to remove or install any item of furniture, fittings or materials in the Room, without prior written agreement from the Centre.
  9. The Room user will maintain confidentiality about their own clients and any other Room users or their clients they encounter while working at the centre
  10. The Room user will not unless authorised by the centre management make any comments on any form of social media about the centre, its management, other Room users or their clients The Room user is expected to ensure they join the FTC WhatsApp business group.
  11. The Room user is expected to dress professionally. If in doubt what is acceptable please contact the centre management.


  1. The Room must only be used during the hours that have been agreed and booked. The Room user should endeavour to arrive 10 minutes before the booked time to welcome their clients to the centre.
  2. The Room should be vacated a clear 2 full minutes before session end to enable the next Room user to settle in and to commence their session. Please use the engaged and vacant signs on the Room door. If it has not been vacated the next user is allowed to knock on the door to inform the current user that the Room is now required by the next user.
  3. The Room user should use their own key to access the centre, between sessions the Room door must be ajar. The Room user must not commence any sessions outside the rented Room and if necessary must be sitting apart from the client while waiting for the Room to be available.
  4. The Room user accepts full responsibility for their own conduct and that of their Clients when in the therapy centre and the individual consulting Room.
  5. Answering the intercom for one other is part of the centre’s supportive culture. Do not abuse this ethos by persistently failing to be available to open the door for your client.
  6. The Room user agrees to be considerate and courteous at all times in dealing with other professionals within the therapy centre. The Room user agrees to ensure that the consulting Room is left in a clean and tidy condition, return furniture to its original position and ready for use by another Room user. The Room user will ensure any facilities or crockery used during their consultation will be cleaned and put away after the session. At the end of each session the Room user must ensure that all electrical appliances off unless directly agreed with the incoming user. The Room user is responsible for providing their own couch roll.
  7. If any incidents or problems occur that require attention, these must be reported to centre management immediately.
  8. The moderate use of stereos for sound is permitted, but the level of the sound must be respectful to the other users in adjacent Rooms.
  9. All accidents must be recorded in the accident book located in the right-hand cupboard in reception. You must familiarise yourself with the location of the fire escape and extinguishers. There is a torch in every Room.
  10. Any lost property should be advised to the centre management via the WhatsApp business group to make other users and management aware of said item. Small items will be left in the upstairs cupboard and larger items in the cupboard under the stairs.
  11. Please regularly check and remove Room user mail from the reception cupboard, mail remaining after 3 months will be destroyed. (re posted not at address)  Consumables including clock batteries are also to be found in this cupboard. The fuse box is located in the large cupboard in the ground floor reception area, in the unlikely event of a power cut.  You can reset the trip fuses if necessary.
  12. All bookings must be made using the centre on line diary. It is the Room user’s responsibility to use the diary correctly and to use the correct colour code for the designated Room. The use of the double protection system is crucial when making bookings.
  13. If you come across a red flag on the diary corresponding to a proposed booking please contact Su as soon as possible. The Room user must only use their booked Room. Failure to use the diary accurately will incur penalty fees of £30 which will be shared with the inconvenienced incoming user IF brought to management’s attention within 24 hours of offence. You are not allowed to delete a booking within 48 hours of a planned booking and write Cancelled on diary. In the event of an internet failure you must text Su last minute diary insertions if it affects your ability to make an online booking.
  14. Room hire is on a per ‘hour’ basis which for FTC ad hoc bookings is ‘58 clear minutes’.  Bookings must be in accordance with the previous booking i.e. if the bookings run from o’clock to o’clock the subsequent booking must follow the same sequence, hence not leaving non-operational <1 hour gaps.
  15. Please check before leaving the centre if you are the last user it is vital that you lock up properly and set the alarm. The last user is also responsible for turning off all electrical appliances and lights in the reception area.


  1. The Room hire fee shall be payable by the Room user to the Centre, payable in advance or within 24 hours of use unless otherwise agreed with the management.  Cheques to be made payable to Forest Therapy Centre Ltd. and posted in box within envelope.  Cash is also to be posted in silver box in upstairs reception area. The Forest Therapy Centre’s HSBC bank details are:-    sort code 40-30-25 account number 91548468.
  2. The user is responsible to keep a record of their Room hire, the centre will issue an annual receipt based on annual Room usage on demand.   Please allow 28 days for the document to be prepared. The Room hire fees for 2018 will be published separately. The centre reserves the right to vary fees on annual basis and you will be advised of any changes to the fee structure.
  3. Failure to make payments as agreed may result in the Centre refusing to accept further bookings and cancel Practice Privileges.
  4. In no event will the Centre be liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of privileges or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use of our Room.
  5. Room hire will need to be paid for any Room user cancellations of less than 24 hours.


  1. The Centre reserves the right to cancel bookings if it is unable to provide access to the consulting Rooms due to any so called “force majeure” events beyond its control including but not limited to flood, fire, and breakdown of heating, power failure or any other events beyond its control.